Gracie Brandon’s Kids Summer Camp

Keep Your Kids Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Active This Summer!

Are you looking for an affordable summer camp program that your kids will love?

Bring them to Gracie Brandon and you’ll never want to take them anywhere else.

*registration closed for 2017

Unlike some camps that are nothing more than glorified babysitting services, we offer a curriculum that keeps kids active, entertained, and wanting to come back!

We’re now accepting new sign-ups for children ages 5-12. But don’t wait to contact us, space is limited! Camp runs every day from 7:30 am to 6:15 pm, and includes awesome activities for no extra charge. Check them out below!

See what our Summer Camp has to Offer!

  • Educational Activities

     Throughout the entire summer, we have new and exciting weekly themes that explore many interesting subjects!

  • Martial Arts Classes

    Our summer camp includes FREE martial arts classes! Your child is going to develop confidence, discipline, and respect in our awesome programs!

  • Character Development

    Each month, we focus on a special character word that teaches our students how to be the BEST!

  • Outdoors Sports

    Your child is going to have so much fun playing sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Flag-football, Kickball, and Dodgeball!

  • Game Rooms

    Your child is going to enjoy having fun with his/her friends during structured free time in our game room!

  • Cheerleading & Tumbling

    Kids in our summer camp enjoy learning new chants, cheers, and dance routines in this action packed class!

  • Dance Classes

    Boys and girls love this summer camp dance class! They learn the coolest new hip hop and jazz moves that are a blast!

  • Arts and Crafts

    Our summer camp is going to give your child the opportunity to draw, paint, color, and make awesome craft projects on a daily basis!

And if that wasn’t already a ton of summer activity, we also take the kids on awesome field trips!

Give us a call to find out more!



Hear from some parents below!

Having Abel attend Gracie Brandon’s summer camp has been amazing! He has learned to be more disciplined in a group setting, how to stay fit and to “do your best and never give up”. I’m excited that he has learned to be a part of a team. Training at Gracie Brandon has been an asset to preparing Abel for his future already!

Joe Smith

 Gracie Brandon’s Summer Camp has been great for our daughter. She has really learned how to focus and pay attention to details. Gracie Brandon has also helped tremendously with her leadership skills. She gets to help newer students at Gracie and that transfers over to her elementary school. Her elementary school teachers comment how well she listens and that she always helps other students. She has been on the principal’s honor roll each grading period she has been at Gracie Brandon!

Rod & Kim Conners

 This camp has it all! Are you ready for your child to have a blast?

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